Introduction :

Accidents don’t just happen, they are caused and it usually crop up due to one’s negligence. When accident happen, it entails considerable damages to the company more so on the part of the worker who was hurt and to his family. Hence, the best way to remedy the cause is through strict observance of the precautionary measures and continuous consciousness of Safety.


It is the Policy of STARK to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with best industry practice.


All permanent and temporary employees as well as others who may be affected by activities in the company project worksite and facilities, including; clients, visitors, contractors and members of the public .

Duties and Responsibilities :

Each employee will be made aware of the company Environment, Health and Safety Policy towards the control of accidents, damage to property and fire and, as an individual, must perform to achieve this end. This section specifies the duties and responsibilities of Management, supervisors, and  employees. It is expected that everyone must satisfactorily discharge the duties and responsibilities allocated to him.