Quality Policy


STARK Quality Statement is to ensure “Customer driven” approach that meets Customer expectations through effective management and performance, excellent co-ordination, increased productivity and greater focus on business objectives .The Project aims to continuously improve its performance by effective involvement of all levels of staff, providing staff with the training, techniques and authority needed to identify and resolve problems and by the establishment, monitoring and periodic review of objectives in relevant areas for the Project team members during the next activities :


Documents and Data Control


This is to establish the rules and outline the methods to be adopted for ensuring that incoming and outgoing documents, which require traceability, are adequately controlled, so that documents can be appropriately identified, registered, distributed and filed to ensure that the nominated parties receive the current revisions, or information in a known status. Records shall be maintained to demonstrate the traceability of documents.

  • Project controlled documentsGSM DOCUMENT CONTROL
  • Method of Implementation
  • Incoming controlled documents
  • Stamping of Incoming documents
  • Receipt Distribution
  • Identification
  • Registration
  • Master copy
  • Outgoing Documents
  • Project Controlled Forms
  • Archiving

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The Project Manager shall issue Material Requisitions on behalf of the Project. The Material Requisition shall be filled in and signed by the Project team member who requests the material specified in the Material Requisition and then signed approved by the Project Manager. The Material Requisition will have full information specifying the required material, quantities required, specifications requirement and the nominated supplier (if nominated in the contract documents) and shall attach all the technical data (if needed) , Consultant Approval to enable the Purchasing Department to make the purchase procedures easily and as mentioned in their purchasing procedures in STARK Quality Plan.

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Handling, Storage, Packaging and Delivery


The Project Manager shall make sure that a suitable site store has been constructed within the site office facilities to keep material in a safe condition. Its area shall be enough for storage of material in a safe and correct way to prevent damage or deterioration. Air conditioning shall be provided to the store, if needed, to keep the material at the required temperature as recommended by the manufacturer.

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Process Control


The Site Engineers shall make sure that site work processes are carried out in a manner that will demonstrate the achievement of Project quality requirements. The following procedures outline the methods to be adopted for the control of site work processes.

  • Planning
  • Workshop drawings
  • Material Submittal
  • Working under controlled conditions
  • Variations/Changes to the work
  • Verification of completed works

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Corrective and Preventive actions


Corrective actions

Corrective action shall be carried out for customer’s complaint, reported non-conformance and audit findings.

Preventive actions

Use of appropriate sources of information i.e. process and work operation which affect product quality, internal audit report, rejection analysis, non-conformance report (N.C.R) and customer’s complaint, to detect, analyze and eliminate potential causes of non conformities.

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Inspection and Testing


Inspection and testing shall be carried out to ensure that purchased material conforms to specified requirements in accordance with the Project technical specifications and the International standard specifications.

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Control of inspection, measuring and test equipment


Control of the calibration of the equipment, devices and tools will be done and recorded by the QC – Personnel and a Calibration record shall be maintained as per the quality plan manual.

Calibration of measuring and test equipment shall be done internally at the Project site wherever possible following the relevant standard. Unless externally at approved third party

Calibration result & certificates shall be submitted to the consultant for acknowledgement.

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Initial training in the implementation of the quality plan shall be performed by QC-Department to the Project personnel having co-ordination responsibilities. QC department shall ensure that all assigned personnel are qualified by training them to perform the tasks assigned.

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Quality Records and Inspection Reports


Records and inspection reports shall be compiled and collated as the works is performed throughout the duration of contract in order to provide objective evidence of the quality verification of work performed.

Records and inspection reports shall be indexed, filed and protected to prevent damage and deterioration or loss.