VINAVIL- EGYPT Acrylic Emulsion factory

Project Description

Project Type Factories
Location Suez - Egypt
Owner VINAVIL Egypt for chemicals
Consultant ECG
Completion Date August , 2016
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Our assignment is:

  • Demolishing the administration building, underground water tank, electrical room, security room and fences.
  • Site grading of the new purchased land including cut and fill.
  • Construction of 300 M.l concrete fence, steel gate and guard room.
  • Construction of an underground tunnel between Vinavil East side part of factory and Vinavil west side part of factory crossing the external main road. Work includes excavation in the road between the two parts of vinavil factory, laying of external protecting carbon steel pipes fully assembled with the internal stainless steel AISI 316 process pipes.
  • all above packages includes all type of works Architectural, Structural, Electrical ,Light current ,Plumbing & Fire-fighting ,Grading, Infrastructure and piping